Sunday, 21 May 2006

dili update

dili = hot and quiet today. caught a bus back in to the capital from los palos; close to the city, passed a guy lying in the middle of the road, face-down; bus stopped, then roared on. Not sure what condition he was in. Up and over a ridge, a rock was thrown on to the bus roof; all the passengers looked scared and the bus driver put his foot to the floor. 5 mins later a branch was thrown on the bus. Everyone was silent now. When the trouble happened in Dili a few weeks ago, thousands (literally) of people fled Dili to their villages. Only now are they starting to come back (on our bus there was at least one full household + baggage moving back), but people are still very afraid. I'm not sure how real the risk is though; everything appears based on rumour. And other than that, we've had an excellent time - so much more safe and relaxed than PNG! Mixed feelings about returning to the secure-compound-restricted-life there - but hey that's still a week away. Tomorrow flying out to Denpasar

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