Sunday, 7 May 2006

coffee ball, 2006

Last night was THE social event on PNG's annual social event calendar (on which there is...well nothing else up here in Goroka): the coffee ball. The theme was gold. There were predrinks at a friends place, and then a predrink in the downstairs bar, before heading upstairs to join a queue to get inside (so much like a school formal). There were little corsages for the ladies upon entry (nice touch) and gift bags (one per 16 person table) with perfume, gold cartier lighters (bottom of pic) and golden bows that were broaches. Unexceptional food came and went. There was terrible music, but a bit of dancing (one mate drunkenly danced with the governor of our province, something I will tease her about forever). There was the company of some excellent friends. It was probably the last coffee ball I will ever go to; feeling a bit tarnished today, but will be right by tomorrow. And now I'm just waiting to get my passport back from the Indonesian embassy - hopefully with a visa inside it - and will head off for some more adventures on Friday. 5 sleeps.

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