Friday, 5 August 2005

party like it's goroka 2005

saturday night = screening of this as a fundraiser for local medical research institute. which meant: 60k ticket gets you as drinks at rick's bar pre-show; which meant take in a bottle of champagne to drink as you eat pop corn and dream like it's ww2 again (and look out for those tricks of "perspective", like bogart standing on boxes, and midgets running around aeroplanes); which meant come out and hang out at rick's bar again for a while; which meant dance till three and dare a friend to dance as if on a podium (and she does, to warrant's cherry pie! such a classic) (mind you, i believe we were all dancing with great enthusiasm to paradise city - to leave a light on for me - did flashdance really play or was that just the feel of the night?) and then there's a finale as the bar is cleared and someone lies across it and sings us goodnight -

now i paid for it yesterday but pictures cames alive! we were dancing right through our lives

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