Sunday, 14 August 2005

the interpreter - david and margaret liked it; read some review from the guardian and the cat tore it to shreds.

i can see how you might feel all cynical and world wise and not like it, but - i totally enjoyed it. love sean penn. and ok nicole too. have a friend who wants to work in africa and for u.n.; can understand it, not exactly from this film, but in general.

but i am not finishing in png and moving to africa. that would be to utterly, irrevocably, turn to the dark side, to the world of the life-long aid worker.
and otherwise had a really nice weekend. as well as watch movies, did some clothes shopping, went swimming, watched a plane take off, had dinner cooked for me. and now it's late and dark and raining. and time to stretch out and pick up war and peace again. oddly, it's world makes a lot of sense here: all the social rules, the etiquette, the duels, the affection and affectation; the fighting, the incompetent and the great leaders, the fear and love and violence of battle. the life, the living of it, and the questions.

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