Sunday, 31 July 2005

someone else's sunday

those weatherboards! no guessing which city this is. (Looking at it - so urban - realise anew how different things here are.)

if you ever pass it, it's my sister's place.


last night we did actually get around to watching movies (delayed from friday when someone's flight up from pt moresby was cancelled - they err ran out of planes. he checked in 20 mins before departure time; two minutes after check in the 'cancelled' sign pinged. don't quite know why they were not aware of lack of aeroplane ahead of this time, but when it comes to flights here it's best not to think about it too much - like that 5 day period when all flights were grounded because they, uh, ran out of fuel? or more recently when - anyway, this is not about that; just cross your fingers) - at someone's workplace, in an auditorium with a big screen; hogging the front row, with empty seats stretching at our backs; strange feeling, like being at school at night time. saw Sin City - slick but still enjoyable - and Zatoichi (blind samurai tale), which was naturally all cool, but had a few bizarre scenes - like the end when the people of the traditional japanese village get together to do a riverdance-style tap on strange little shoes?!

but my favourite scene of all - and why you must all seek out and watch this film - involves the ingenious solution when faced with having to get the blind man through the village unnoticed.

q: how do you disguise a blind man?

a: why, paint eyes on his face of course! that way no one will recognise him as the blind man!

the idea is outstanding, but actually seeing it made me almost fall from my chair: i could watch again and again the scene when he turns around and you see these pretty blue eyes painted on his eyelids.

and happily, his movement through the village goes unnoticed.

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