Thursday, 13 April 2006

the long distance runner

Well it's been a marathon but i have made it to the end of the longest stretch i am ever, EVER going to do in Gka central: I haven't left the area since I arrived at the start of Jan at the start of the year. But the big projects are done; the rest of the year is going to be spent teaching the haus meri to write, and doing other extraneous things. And I'm going to be leaving - and returning - on a much more regular basis. Starting tomorrow: over to the coast for a few days; a small step but at least it means a break through the mountains for a while.

Also need to buy some new runners. Have had current pair for just over a year now, and (am vaguely proud to say) I have actually worn them out! Soles are shot, insides dissappeared ages ago (so have to wear thick socks to pretend there's padding), and now sides have given up the ghost. It mgiht have been running inside at the gym, but still. Respect, thanks.

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