Monday, 23 January 2006

corners like it's on rails

today was an excellent day. the first big fat book that my staff and i did from start to finish (edited (heavily) - designed a style for - created graphics for - laid out electronically - designed cover - even wrote blurb for) - well it arrived today from the indian press. And it looked good! Really good. I felt very proud of our efforts. Work isn't exactly intellectually stimulating, but it has other benefits.

And then ... tonight was top gear night! i don't really watch tv here (we have an uninviting "rec" room with a share tv), but i make a special effort for this show. it's funny, there's news, great camera work, the odd celebrity - and ... cars! flash cars, electric cars, cars with two engines, and cars that can corner like they're on rails. it's fantastic.

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