Tuesday, 20 September 2005

show and tell

ok...and so here i begin to bore you. our lines of communication have been down since last wednesday, and when i found out that they were back and vibrating this evening, i got a bit excited and decided to post a large number of photos...these are all from the caving trip, mainly outside (these are the coffee beans drying on the road, stopping traffic from going any further; i'd say that we were the only traffic of the week). but don't worry - there are many more photos to fill the rest of your days: goroka show was on last week, independence, and there are also the normal bits and pieces from a busy weekend (and i met martin from "kantri bilong yumi", if anyone's seen it! very excited; he is fantastic fun, really cheeky sense of humour. highlight of my week.) anyway, back to the show:

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