Friday, 11 February 2005

getting there

small tasks get a lot more onerous without the car. out of boxes, you walk down to the village post office and buy one, walk back with it casually under your arm. past the bowling green where grandpas say hello; village life is so civilised.

pack the box. address it c/o your future self. realise you've no packing tape. walk down to the village and purchase some. walk back. seal the box.

heave 12.9kg beast under your arm - nope doesn't fit - rest it awkwardly on one hip and kind of hug it, struggle opening door, struggle closing door, struggle with gate and leave it open. stagger down past school it's lunch time past bowling green take back route through rose garden consider dumping box and running but stagger on. past school number two where it looks like exercise time for those under 100cm consider throwing box down and running away stagger onwards. realise pathetic lack of muscles in arms. arms hurt. glimpse village's thoroughfare, onwards...

great luck the p.o. door is open heave missive onto counter pay leave feel victorious despite cost...


apparently betel nut chewing improves your capacity to work . ('studies have shown that supposedly...')

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