Tuesday, 14 December 2004

winner takes all

there are construction workers sitting outside my window.
'how was your maccas?'
'i'm full, i'm not hungry; i'm full.'
led to big debate about quality of mcd's meat.
'i wanna see the pattie before it goes on to the grill, and after.'
'aw but -'
'nah mate nah i worked there [voice raises], i used to work there, and all i'm saying is i'd wanna see it before it goes on, and after. you need to see what they're saying is meat, all i'm saying.'
'yeah, well [more concilatory now], i think what happened was he had two bacon and egg mcmuffins, and there was something crunchy...'

now they have geared up and are scaling the building. they're generally pretty cool guys, but there are a few crusties in amongst them. it was funny last week; there were a few people up on the 5th floor, and the foreman was on ground level with a megaphone, directing important action - but when i listen, this is what he was saying: 'so that's 2 flat whites with 2 sugars and 1 cappaccino...'


"It's not that I wanted to win just for the sake of winning. It's the fact that PeopleSoft is instrumental to our strategy" says Oracle - and after 18 months of bitter + nasty battles. uhuh.

(tho having worked with psft - and aren't there companies suing them in the us? - think the buyout is a waste of time. start from scratch and build something that works. you'd save some of those billions.)

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